Iconasy's releases new version of software

Iconasys Releases Shutter Stream Software 4.0 for Product Photography

Iconasys, has done it again. Your professional photography equipment specialist has come out with the newest edition of their Shutter Stream Product Photography Software. Version 4.0 is here and it intends to make the process of shooting in-house photography more efficient than ever.

Creating high-quality images is a time-consuming process riddled with a large amount of that time being spent in post-production. As anyone knows, time is money and when the largest parts of the budget are spent cleaning up images it is frustrating. When Iconasy first introduced their signature software, an image capture software that integrates image editing and processing tools, it was met with great accolades as industry professionals were able to streamline the photography process. The time they were able to save allowed them to take on more projects or take a much-needed nap.

Now with much pomp and circumstance comes the Shutter Stream Product Photography Software Version 4.0. All of the previous features such as the automated background removal tool are still intact, just with some upgrades and fixes:


Equipment Support

Integrated Sony support

New Nikon camera support

New Cannon camera support

Resolved Cannon and Nikon SDK conflict


3 New Editing Tools

Drag and scroll a zoomed in image

Tint and white balance adjustments

Free transform tool


New Features

Restore and restore all

Ability to save crop or lasso in editing tools

Directory Watcher

New keyboard shortcuts

Manual snap for Iconasy’s turntable

Fix white balance and add watermark to images

Updated curves filter to add splines


What has made Iconasy such a force within the industry is their experience in photography that allowed them to create products that make their fellow photographers lives easier. Especially since they know the unique struggles to the profession. This coupled with their commitment to their customer makes them stand out. If you are interested in learning more, their service team encourages you to contact them directly. They will be happy to assist you in finding which products are right for you.


Phone: 949-945-0779

E-mail: contact@iconasys.com

Author:  Christine Duff

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