How Important Is Your Food Service Equipment?

It’s hard enough dealing with the everyday problems of running a business in the food services industry – staff management, ordering, compliance with regulations, marketing and online presence all take a toll on the most vigilant and energetic owner. The very last thing you need to deal with is broken equipment.

There’s an old saying, “a workman is only as good as the tools he uses”, and this is true in all of life, but is especially important in the food services industry.

You put a lot of resources into your staff; recruiting, training and paying them takes a lot of time and money, so you need to make sure they’re working smart.

Diagrams of workflow initiatives mean nothing if your staff are trying to cope with substandard or aged equipment, they will never achieve their full potential under these conditions. You need to keep your machines up to scratch.

So what do you do?

  • You could run around contacting your equipment service desks, where you will be greeted by inept staff with no idea of real world problems.
  • You could source cheap replacement parts from Asia, which won’t fit properly, will break down again, and you’re right back where you started.

Your best bet, the smart thing to do, is find a supplier that carries all the parts you would ever need. One that sources their stock from the original manufacturers, and doesn’t deal in cheap knockoff copies.

Sharp Tek Supply International has been in the parts supply business for many years, and know it inside and out. They have forged relationships with literally hundreds of original equipment manufacturers, and established a global network of supply lines.

This ensures that they have the part you require, and that they can get it to you quickly. Time is money, right? You don’t have time to wait around for parts to arrive, and the sooner you get up and running again the better.

Sharp Tek Supply International understands this all too well, and generally will dispatch your order the same day they receive it, and you truly cannot get better service than that. This translates to two days shipping over the majority of the US, and international orders are very quick also due to their international ties.

Sometimes the worst happens. One of your machines breaks down and you just can’t fix it. It becomes more financially viable to just replace it. Sharp Tek Supply International has got you covered for this too.

They carry a very wide range of new foodservice and restaurant equipment and supplies at excellent prices, they actually have a low price guarantee which assures you of great value.

They’re an indispensable partner for any foodservice business, and will streamline your activities so you can get on with living and enjoying the benefits of your business. Isn’t that why you got into this game in the first place?

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