J.P. Communications, Inc. CEO; Jason Prescott Extends Support Of Peruvian Enterprises & Small Businesses

IMG_0070While on a recent business trip to Toronto, J.P. Communications, Inc. CEO; Jason Prescott (right), met with Jose Luis Peroni (left), Director of Trade Office of Peru. Peroni runs OSEX Toronto.

Prescott met with Peroni to discuss the involvement Peru will have in the upcoming Apparel Textile Sourcing Expo

The two had quite a successful meeting with Prescott offering his support of Peruvian enterprises and Peruvian small businesses. In other exciting news related to the event, a cultural seminar for Peru will be held at the event which Peroni will be in charge of.

Event attendees will be able to visit and get more information about Peruvian enterprises at the OSEX Toronto information booth at Apparel Textile Sourcing Expo.

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