Jason Prescott and PROCOLUMBIA Trade Commissioner Talk Columbian Trade and Enterprise

Alvaro ConchaWith The Apparel Textile Sourcing Expo quickly approaching (August 22-24, 2016), J.P. Communications, Inc. CEO; Jason Prescott, was in Toronto for 10 days making connections and attending productive meetings related to the event.

After a successful meeting with PROMEXICO’s Trade & Investment Commissioner in Toronto, and securing support of Consulate General of P.R China in Toronto, Prescott went on to meet with Alvaro Concha (left) who is PROCOLUMBIA’s Trade Commissioner.

Prescott offered Concha his companies support of Columbian enterprises and Columbian small businesses. The two also made an official agreement to have a cultural seminar for Columbia at the event which Alvaro will head up.

Event attendees will be able to visit and get more information about Columbian enterprises at the PROCOLUMBIA information booth at Apparel Textile Sourcing Expo.

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