KRAM Industries Offers the Perfect Gift for Grill Masters with New EZGO Propane Gas Holder

KRAM Industries Offers Retailers the Hottest Item for Grill Masters with the New EZGO Propane Gas Holder

Gainesville, VA — Transporting propane tanks is one of the challenges that many grill masters face each time they pack up for an outdoor trip. It is too risky to be left to improvised contraptions such as bungee cords, or too bulky to be secured by milk crates. But, left with no better alternative, grill masters make do with it. All these are bound to change with the invention of EZGO Propane Tank Holder.

Invented by Darren Coupe and Mark Schmitt, EZGO is a nifty tank holder that aims to make transporting propane tanks safe, quick, and easy. Featuring a special base surface, EZGO has “feet” that prevent a tank from sliding and tipping during the trip. It secures the tank and elevates it to avoid dings and scratches that it may inflict on cars, or the “rusty ring” that tanks leave on patio and floor when left for a long time.

EZGO provides a strong and sturdy support for propane tanks, yet lightweight and made from recycled materials. It’s a no-fuss, no-mess solution for bringing gas tanks along on a trip. Now available for retail pricing, EZGO offers the hottest item in the outdoor gear marketplace.

For retailers, EZGO is available at margins of 37 percent. It comes with a 10-pack display that takes up little floor space. Stickers and other marketing collaterals are included in the package for store owners to leverage the display. For more information about EZGO and their special retailer pricing, visit

ABOUT EZGO — Made-in-the-USA EZGO propane tank holder provides the perfect solution for transporting gas tanks from one destination to another. Invented by Darren Coupe and Mark Schmitt, EZGO is made from recycled materials to produce a strong and nifty gas tank stabilizer.

EZGO is manufactured by Virginia company KRAM Industries and is sold and delivered in 10-pack, space-saving displays and includes a set of stickers that retailers can use to advertise the product.

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