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Moving right along through April, looks towards the next holiday to appear on the calendar: Mother’s Day. With Mother’s Day 2015 just over a month away, you will want to shop our wholesale missy apparel and accessory selections, which offer fashionable finds to help all different customers gift the special women in their lives. What are some of the trends and our favorite items? Take a look at what wholesale missy apparel items that the LAS team has gathered below.

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As you will note, the missy demographic tends to stay away from some of the brighter colors that juniors favor. This is why you will see more muted and subdued tones in our offerings. For color pops to keep it interesting, aim for universally approachable colors such as turquoise and blue.

You will also note that these styles of wholesale missy apparel are more accommodating to the figure than skin-tight or body conscious looks that are often seen abundantly on the junior market. Showing skin is generally not a priority for women who are recipients of Mother’s Day gifts. Instead, try longer sleeves and hemlines. The primary priority for accessories is functionality and practicality.


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  1. Mitto Sweater     2. H&D Watch      3. New Yorker’s Apparel Dress      4. Seduzione Sweater      5. White Mark Blouse      6. Sole Mio Pants      7. Misia Blouse      8. ICCO Accessories Handbag      9. Gizel Blouse      10. Vicky Fashions Blouse      11. Victoria Fashion Shoes      12. Karen T. Design Blouse      13. Bien Bien Hat      14. Avital Skirt      15. Dahlya Sweater      16. Wall Street Fashion Set

Guest Writer: Charlotte Pratt

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