’s Top Seasonal Picks for Winter 2015

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Season's Top Picks Week 47


For example,’s analysts have provided a look at some of the most popular products for Winter 2015. A few themes have been clearly trending. Winter whites and royal blues are mingling with holiday reds to create a colorful assortment to brighten up the winter days. As women look to get more dressed up for the holiday season, feminine details prevail. This is why you will see ruffles, bows and other girly touches, along with silhouettes that accentuate the female figure, such as high waist midi skirts and flared peplums.

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1. Ya Los Angeles Dress     2. Lolli Couture Boots      3. K Too Skirt      4. Angel Handbags Purse      5. Carmin Leather Jacket      6. Top Fashion Peacoat      7. XT Peplum Jacket      8. LA Jewelry Plaza Bracelet      9. Sexy Diva Romper Buyer’s Lounge Blog

Guest Writer: Charlotte Pratt

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