Be The Life Of The Party With CYBwear LED Shirts

CYBwear, a USA based company, delivers high-quality LED, sound activated t-shirts, caps, and ties (coming soon!). Be the center point of attention when you’re at a party or while hanging out with an eye catching and fun sound-activated LED shirt. Built-in, sound-activated sensors and adjustable sensitive LED panel flashes to the beat and sound around you.



Shirt Details

The 100% cotton shirts are constructed with an ultra-thin, highly flexible panel sewn directly onto the shirt. Operated with a battery pack that is hidden in a pocket at the bottom of the shirt, it contains a sensitivity knob that can be adjusted to activate based on the volume of the music or other sounds. There is an on/off switch and a small built in microphone. Battery pack takes 2 AAA batteries and has a 15-20 hour battery life.

Designs include options for men, women, and kids featuring cool LED options:

  • Bass
  • Charging
  • Disco Ball
  • DJ
  • EQ New
  • EQ Sexy
  • Headphones
  • Las Vegas
  • Play
  • Sunglasses
  • Hearts
  • Peace Sign
  • Fire Truck
  • Train
  • Unicorn

CYBwear also accepts custom orders. Need to highlight a business or event? CYBwear can make custom light up shirts to help promote you. Get unbelievable attention with these unique shirts.



To more information, contact CYBwear:

(702) 503-7398

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