LOKSAK Bags & Cases Protect Your Beloved Gears at All Cost

LOKSAK storage bagsLOKSAK Inc is a manufacturer of protective cases, pouches, and bags made in the United States. Based in Naples, Florida, the company is the creator of several newfangled storage solutions that are guaranteed resealable as well as water, dust and humidity proof.

aLOKSAK  storage bags are the only resealable bags that’s certified waterproof up to 200 feet, and can survive diving conditions. These multi-patented bags come in more than a dozen sizes, which can fit in all of your prized possessions (from gadgets to important documents and accessories) and protect them from dust, water, humidity, sand and snow amongst others.  The three 3 x 6 inch bags, perfect for small gadgets such as smartphones and mp3 players, wholesale at $4.17 and retail at $8.39. The two 16 x 24 inch bags, which can fit bigger items such as documents, wholesale at $11.38 and retail at $22.79.

Like aLOKSAK bags, OPSAK storage bags have the same level of protection plus odor blocking films to keep any unpleasant stench lingering from your possessions. “Many parks are telling people they must pack out body waste,” report LOKSAK owner and inventor Linda Kennedy. “OPSAK can be used to carry food, undetected by animals, or to pack out waste. Canyonlands National Park has been testing the product, and they are really excited by the odor barrier for people camping with food. You can also pour boiling water into the OPSAK and rehydrate food.” It’s available in 4 various sizes. The 7 x 7 inch special-purpose bag comes in a three-pack that wholesales for $4.62 and retails for $9.29. The 28 x 21 bag is sold in twos, and wholesales for $11.11 while retails for $22.29.

LOKSAK also makes SPLASHSAK nylon carrying cases for aLOKSAKs. Choose from 13 different sizes that can be carried around the waist, neck or arm. Each SPLASHSAK comes with two aLOKSAKs inside. Wholesale price ranges from $9-16, while retail prices is from $19-33.

Recently, LOKSAK introduced SHIELDSAK, a protective pouch proven to jam radio frequencies, infrared and skim/quick scan technology. All these signals are blocked from entering or escaping the bag, and keep your electronic gadgets hack-free when inside the bag. “I developed this product for the military, and now it is very popular with celebrities, executives and anyone who wants to avoid being hacked, tracked or scanned,” states Kennedy. The phone size case wholesales for $34.92 and retails for $69.89. Its tablet size counterpart wholesales for $78.59 and retails for $157.19.

Retailers interested in finding out more about LOKSAK can go Sands Expo or Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, where the company will be exhibiting their products. The minimum order is $120 with point-of-purchase displays available. More information are also available on the website, www.loksak.com/retailers.

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