Traditional Jewelry meets Modern Technology

Since the dawn of man himself, jewelry of some kind or another has been carefully made and proudly worn. Ancient craftsmen wove their cultures and dreams into their work, and every piece told a story.

In these times of mass production and cheap knockoff copies, it’s hard to find these kinds of pieces, and when you do find them they are usually prohibitively expensive.  Also, unfortunately, the artisans that produce these items become fewer every day, and ancient skills die out for lack of teachers.

Supporting Artisans and Craftsmen

Fortunately there are companies out there that are committed to supporting these people, and helping them to showcase their skills to the world. They provide a customer base that these craftsmen could never reach, and enable them to provide a life for their families that they could only dream of.

They look all over the world for native and rural craftsmen, and pay them western prices for their wares. Then you get the chance to own gorgeous pieces you could never source on your own.

Enter Shelley Enterprises. The middleman with a difference. They have a discerning eye for design, and they know where to locate beautiful and unusual products that a great majority of people are very attracted to.

From Peruvian silver to Native American turquoise, Shelley Enterprises source the finest work from around the globe. Different cultures have widely different specialties and techniques they use to make their art, some use metals and stones, while others traditionally use carved bone or coral.

  • Their natural healing range is comprised of magnetic and copper jewelry, made with skill and backed by hundreds of years of natural ancient knowledge.
  • The Native American range, made from metals, beads, feathers, bone and gorgeous turquoise expresses the history of a proud people.
  • Copper is one of the most expensive metals in the world, and has a lovely soft luster. Shelley Enterprises range of beaten copper jewelry, with and without magnets, provides another route to good health combined with stunning good looks.
  • For those who like a bit of bling the colored crystal collection is right up your alley.
  • The classic designs will suit anyone keen on traditonal designs and materials. There’s no interpretation here, just bold originals that come straight from the heart of the maker.

The pieces themselves can show the knowledgeable buyer the cultural history of the person that made it – their materials and methods, hopes and dreams, beliefs and taboos.

A great many of the bracelet and necklace designs make use of a magnetic clasp system, which provides greater protection against losing your precious pieces and makes them a lot easier to put on. A perfect blend of longstanding craftsmanship with new technology.

Catering To Large and Small

Lastly, no matter who you are and what your needs, Shelley Enterprises can supply you beautiful jewelry at an incredible price. They will do discounts for bulk orders, and many of their clients are very large companies, such as MGM Studios and Disneyland.

With an established reputation for honesty and integrity towards both their suppliers and customers, you need look no further than Shelley Enterprises for all your jewelry purchasing requirements, large and small.

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