Making The Grade: Wholesale Back To School Shopping with LA Showroom

When it comes to the back to school season, students are just as focused on making a good first impression as they are on making the grade. From cliché schoolgirl plaids and preppy pieces, to brand new trends, LA Showroom has all the back to school fashion items you need to make sure your store receives top marks in fall style.

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When it comes to back to school fashion, there are two areas of focus: grade school education and higher education. Middle school, high school and college aged students all are seeking back to school fashion. The vendors at LA Showroom provide a comprehensive enough selection for you to be able to cater to any market.

The junior back to school fashion items are a little more youthful. Bolder, more trendy pieces are widely accepted – for example the bright red jacket by Active Basic, or the zipper detailed camouflage pants from Caribbean Queen. For college students trekking around on large outdoor campuses, warmth and coverage are a bit more of a concern.

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For both junior and college aged students, we recommend including a mix of both trendy fashion and basics with your fall and back to school selections.  Trends are a fresh and exciting way to bring constant traffic into your store. However, as they come and go, a wardrobe must have a foundation of pieces that are not subject to going out of style after a season or two. When your customers are feeling uninspired, craving comfort, or simply just in a more casual mood, basics are the pieces they will pull out of their wardrobe again and again.

To shop the featured fashions here, visit LA Showroom’s Buyer’s Lounge blog. Stay tuned to their daily coverage of trends, trade shows, LA fashion events, wholesale industry news and more.

Guest Writer: Charlotte Pratt

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