+ Director Speaks at Global eCommerce Forum in Wuhan China with Winliner


Winliner Global Information Technology Co., Ltd., an international e-commerce company, recently held The Second Optics Valley Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum in Wuhan, China. The company is a world leader in connecting e-commerce platforms and marketing channels across the world, and their ability to draw Jason Prescott, the CEO of and, shows that they are planning to continue their strong showing in the industry.

Prestigious Speaker

Mr. Prescott is an incredibly well noted figure in the e-commerce world. He has shaped multiple industry practices regarding search marketing and international e-commerce. In addition to his business experience he is also the author of the book “Wholesale 101: A Guide to Product Sourcing for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners”.  As a result he has a powerful draw, and industry attendees were treated to a sample of his views on the future of international e-commerce.

Industry Shaping Topics

The forum is slated to discuss a wide variety of topics including different issues in international e-commerce, the internet of things and smart devices, government policy, and aligning regional standards to better facilitate international e-commerce based trade.

In fitting with Winliner’s focus on the future, the conference will also hold talks and lectures on such issues as Cross-Border E-Commerce and Urban Transformation and building the “Air Silk Road”. These topics look to the future to plan business and marketing strategies.

International Strategic Cooperation Agreement

In addition to talks and lectures with industry experts, the Winliner-hosted forum will also host a signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between multiple international e-commerce platforms. This agreement will serve to orient the industry to planning for the future as well as working to promote industrial match-making and economic contacts world-wide.

Looking Forward

The powerful speakers, ground-breaking topics, and industry boosting events all serve to demonstrate why Winliner is, and will continue to be, a major power in the world of international e-commerce.

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