Get Close to Nature with Marsha’s Collection of Toxic-free Printed Apparels

Often described as colorful and easy-to-wear, Marsha’s Collection is a line of soft, comfy apparel inspired by nature. The collection is created by Delaware-based clothing company Great Graphics, and designed by co-owner and artist Marsha Holler.

Over 25 years, Marsha has been passionately creating beautiful designs, drawing inspiration from her love of art and nature. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in print making at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Together with husband Bill Holler, they created Great Graphics and set up a fancy retail outlet at the coastal town of Lewes, Delaware.

A new “Marsha’s Collection” is released during spring and fall seasons. Her collections, which includes shirts and fleece tops, are tailor-made for women who are looking for something unique, stylish and refreshing.

“Women want comfort and style, and it has to be casual,” says artist and Great Graphics president Marsha Holler.

Marsha’s Collection is available in various sizes and proprietary styles. “I take a T-shirt and trim it to hip length, and I call it my Trim Tee. My most popular style is my Trim Fleece. I took the band off the bottom of the sweatshirt, and it is a lot more flattering and stylish than a regular sweatshirt, yet still very comfortable. It has a cuffed three-quarter sleeve, which my demographic of baby boomers loves. I also do a three-quarter cuffed Trim Tee. For my Elfin design, I took a basic T-shirt and cut the hem on a diagonal. That is really popular at beach resorts,” explains the artist.

“It is important that my wholesale customers know that I am in their shoes,” adds Holler. “My retail store is my testing ground. It is where I figure out the prices, styles and colors that will go to the wholesale market. By interacting with my customers, I get a sense of what will be popular.”

The company ensures the superior quality of their prints using only non-toxic, water based inks. Clothes undergo through a meticulous printing process at the company’s screen printing shop. “Something that is important about Great Graphics is that we use strictly water based inks,” shares Great Graphics secretary and treasurer Bill Holler. “They clean up with water instead of solvent. Many other screen printing companies use solvent based inks, but we do not want a toxic work environment. We want our workplace to be healthy. We have noticed that a lot of the big companies like Nike are switching over to water based inks, because it is more fashion oriented.”

Competitively priced for a mid-range level, Marsha’s collection sells well in beach resorts and other tropical holiday destinations. Minimum wholesale order is at least a couple of dozen pieces per design.

Marsha’s Collection is sold through retail outlets nationwide and through the following websites:  and


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