Mauritius Next to Increase Minimum Wage

Mauritius Next to Increase Minimum Wage

The newest global trend that’s beginning to take hold is an increase in the minimum wage. While the U.S experiences a steady increase every year or so, many other places in the world have seen theirs remain stagnant over the course of decades. China, which is notorious for suppressing wages, has had theirs start to climb. Now workers in Mauritius are about to see theirs go up in the new year.

In January Mauritius will increase their pay from 4,000 Mauritian rupees on average, to the new minimum wage of 8,140 Mauritian rupees ($239.32). Officially, the minimum wage will be as such, but various compensation from the government will boost up workers monthly salaries to 9,000 rupees per month, according to Sourcing Journal Online. They also promise to make that number the standard before-compensation pay by the year 2019.

While this is all a step in the right direction, this move is still receiving criticism. The report continues that trade unions state that a fair living salary in Mauritius is around 14,500 rupees ($426). Despite that, workers are celebrating their double pay jump after years and years of campaigning. Industries are just hoping that this will not cause a drop in manufacturing or import and exporting done with the country.

Many countries in which companies manufacture product are the ones that have suffered from wages that keep them below the poverty line. For years factory workers have been fighting for increased pay and and humane working environments in places where there is little to no regulation. Mauritius’s new pay gives other workers hope that this trend will continue and eventually boost theirs by creating a new global standard.

Author:  Christine Duff

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