Mexico’s Puebla State Offers Vast Opportunities in Textile Manufacturing

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Buyers looking to source superior quality wholesale textile products should definitely consider sourcing from Puebla in Mexico, a sovereign state that presents continuously expanding opportunities to investors from around the world. With its thriving economy and an expanding textile manufacturing sector that dates back to the 19th century, it would be a mistake to ignore such great potential within the state.

And if you are looking for the right venue for sourcing textiles and garments from Puebla, then you better be getting ready for EXINTEX 2014 Trade Show to be held in the state. The annual show is put on hold this year as the government will be hosting Mexico’s annual industry conference, Tianguis Turistico 2013, for the first time. Eager participants will have to wait for next year’s installment but they will not be disappointed because the state will sure to make EXINTEX 2014 bigger than it ever was.

In 2012, EXINTEX hosted a total of 59 conferences and conventions attended by 128,000 people and drawing 23,646 participants. International buyers from a total of 30 countries came for the show and more are expected for EXINTEX 2014.

The Textile Industry Association (CITEX) of Puebla (formerly National Association of Textile Industry) was established in 1929. In 1991, EXINTEX was founded as a response to the business needs of the textile-garment production chain of the state as well as to consolidate the local and international markets.

During a presentation in the recent Sourcing at MAGIC Trade Show, trade and economic officials from Puebla expressed eagerness on taking advantage of free trade agreements through local and regional integration towards further enriching its local textile sector. They also showed some impressive data on why Puebla is an ideal place to make an investment.

Puebla: A Safe Place to Invest

Mexico is steadily closing the gap with China in terms of clothing exports to the United States. The textile sector grew by 7.4% to USD 3.8 billion in 2011 from the previous year, with the country becoming the U.S. fifth largest apparel supplier. China remains on top in terms of meeting demand in the U.S. but Mexico is surely holding its own and has been showing signs of steadier and faster growth in the apparel export sector compared to its East Asian counterpart.

Puebla has a bustling textile economy supported by its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and a stable labor environment. The state economy has grown consistently at a higher pace than national and world averages, registering the strongest economic growth in the second trimester of 2012 among its neighbor cities. Today, Puebla is the seventh-largest economy within Mexico with a GDP that is comparable to other countries like Panama, even surpassing the national GDPs registered by the likes of El Salvador, Bolivia, Honduras, Paraguay, and Estonia.

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Puebla features mountainous landscapes and important historic sites reflecting its rich cultural heritage. It is in fact, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. Charming and quaint as it may seem, Puebla also happens to be one of the most industrialized states in Mexico and Latin America.

Since colonial times, the state has been a major industrial center renowned for textile manufacturing and pottery production. Over 150,000 small and medium-sized factories continue to operate in the state today employing about 25% of the population and accounting for around 60% of the state’s GDP.

Textile Manufacturing in Puebla

The very first and one of the biggest textile factories in Mexico and Latin America, the La Constancia Mexicana Factory, is found in Puebla. It is the first textile mill in the country to use water power to drive its machinery. Today, over 95% of textile exports go to the United States. Textiles produced in the state mostly involve machinery, thread, woven fabrics, knitted items, and so many others.

Puebla represents one of the Mexican states with the largest shares of textile exports. Local companies have become main suppliers for brands like Levis, True Religion, XOXO, and more. Textile areas cover spinning, fabric, finish, and complete garments.

For the past few years, textile consumable goods production just keeps on increasing against the national production value. In 2007, Puebla’s participation accounted for 12.7% of Mexico’s textile production, which shot upwards to 15.4% in October 2011.

EXINTEX 2014: Register Now!

Do not miss EXINTEX 2014, where companies and business owners can see for themselves the potential that Puebla textile manufacturers offer. Various sectors including fibers and textiles, yarns and threads, machinery, complete packages, chemicals and dyes, and technical textiles will be participating. Attendees can also pick up industry solutions and inputs for the sector during the show. Here’s a glimpse of the 2012 edition of Exintex:

Registration is now open for EXINTEX 2014. The show will be held on March 11-14, 2014 at the Exhibitor Center in the city of Puebla. For more information, see contact details below:


Ave 11 South 1st 2104 Floor, Col. Centro, CP 72000, Puebla, Pue., Mexico
Phone: (01-800) 087-7486
International: (00 52) 222-243-4200
Fax: +52 ( 222) 237 3876
Office: (01-222) 243-4294, 243-4295

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