Nordstrom Launches New App, Taking Digital Retail To New Level

Nordstrom Seattle (@NordstromSEA) On Twitter

How many times have you browsed for clothing online only to think “I wonder how this will look on me?”

Sure, some sites even have a digital try on feature nowadays where you can upload a full body image of yourself to see how you’d look in the outfit you’re eyeing. But we all know those aren’t very reliable…

Nordstrom saw this problem, and came up with they believe to be the best solution. In an app they’re calling “Reserve and Try In Store” which is now available on iOS and Android.

Shea Jensen, VP of customer experience explains that “Reserve & Try In Store is a way to help make the shopping experience easier for customers who like to touch, feel and try on items before buying them. We hope it helps combine the convenience of shopping online with a quick and efficient in-store experience.”

So, how does it work?

It’s as easy as it seems. Thanks to the neat “Store Mode” feature on the app, a Nordstrom customer can find an item they’re interested in trying on that is also available at their chosen store.

Once they find an item (or up to 10 items) to try on, they select the Reserve & Try option, fill in their information and confirm the reservation. No payment required, and available in under 2 hours (within store hours) the customer receives a text notification when the items are ready.

Then, when the customer arrives at the store, they visit a new department called “Order Pickup” where they be greeted with their name on a pre-set fitting room with their items neatly hanging up inside.

Currently only available in Western Washington locations, including the company’s flagship Seattle store, it will be interesting to see how customers respond to Nordstrom’s Reserve and Try and if other brands will follow suit.

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