NY Company HC Corp. Offers Affordable Pricing, Unique Product Lineup for Hookah and Vape Enthusiasts

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NEW YORK, NY — With the growing trend of hookah and vape smoking, HC Corp. offers consumers and retailers alike its unique product lineup at affordable prices. The company, based out of 5th Avenue in New York, provides a large selection of authentic hookahs and vapes, as well as accessories and supplies such as e-liquid, vape juice, and more.

“Our consumer’s satisfaction and well-being come first and foremost, without zero compromise,” HC Corp. posted on its website. “With that being two very intricate principles in mind, we have established a brand that consists of products manufactured from the most highly qualified materials obtainable on the market.”

Company CEO and owner Jeffrey Wilson established HC Corp. with the aim of bringing top-of-the-line hookah and vape goods at attractive price points. He added: “We are a company that prides itself in customer service and quick efficient shipping delivery. With the ever growing trend of vaping, we will continue to grow and expand our business.”

HC Corp. gives its customers an authentic product lineup of hookahs in Big Boy, Modern, and Sahara variants. It also offers a starter kit that includes a mini hookah bundled with vapor flavors. All items are made from quality materials and backed by a one-year warranty. HC Corp. boasts of using hookah and vape juice flavors that meet the highest safety standards in the industry and are extensively tested to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

“To gain this we have went to great lengths to promise that all our goods go above and beyond the highest standard and protection standards the industry has to offer,” the company said.

For loyal customers, the company offers a rewards program that is designed to give incentives and value-added services. By buying its products or referring a new customer, HC Corp. allows customers to gain credited points that can be used for later purchases. For more information, visit their website at www.hookahcoals.com

ABOUT HC CORP. — Hookah and vape store HC Corp. specializes in delivering affordable and top-of-the-line smoking products and accessories such as hookahs, hookah coals, e-hookahs, e-cigarettes, vapes and more. Established on 5th Avenue in New York, NY by Jeffrey Wilson, HC Corp. delivers a brand that offers merchandise from highly qualified materials available in the market.  The company offers consumers and retailers alike with attractive pricing as well as unique and hot product lineup in the hookah and vape industry.

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