Offer Customers Simplicity, Security, and Convenience with Payment Processing Technology

Are you still relying on the “cash only” approach when accepting payments from customers? While this may be easier and reduces fee surcharges, a company may miss out on sales from customers who prefer credit or debit cards or those who have only cash on hand. Did you know that credit card purchases are rising quickly? Today, credit and debit card payments already outpace the traditional payment options. By 2017, credit card purchases are expected to rise by 33%.

Use your computer to your advantage by accepting credits through a powerful app-based terminal. Through virtual payment processing, your business can easily take orders over the phone or swipe a customer’s card via a USB magstripe reader.

CardConnect offers virtual payment processing with tons of features including:

  • CardSecure, a patented tokenization method that secures and protects cardholder data. CardSecure protects your business and customers and halts any potential data breach by (1)encrypting the data, (2)changing card numbers into mathematically irreversible tokens, and (3) storing them within a secure vault.
  • Real time reporting to access a robust and comprehensive report regarding authorizations, settlements, and funding activity.
  • A CardConnect Virtual Terminal that processes Level II and Level III data to ensure that every transaction qualifies for the lowest possible interchange rate, reducing the cost of each payment processed.

CardConnect also includes customization to your payment process:

  • Connect your existing CRM to a white label e-commerce solution. You are able to send customers to a payment page that, while hosted by CardConnect, can be customized to look like your site. The addition of this external page will remove your company from the scope of PCI compliance while protecting your customers against fraud.
  • Apply or remove a convenience fee on purchases. You make the choice, do you want to include it or not?
  • Create custom receipts that allow you to promote a special event or social media accounts.
  • Create custom customer profile field to save information
  • Set customized fields to attach meta data to each and every transaction

Whatever your business, wholesale to retail, make the process as convenient and simple as possible for your and your consumers.

About CardConnect

CardConnect was founded in 2006 with the idea to help businesses process customer payments simply, securely, and conveniently. Today, CardConnect has rightly earned their place as the leading provider of payment processing and technology services, helping over 50,000 wholesalers and retailers, from Fortune 500 to small coffee shops, worldwide. In addition to its partnerships, the company has grown steadily through nine strategic acquisitions over the years.


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