Online Retail Taken Over By Apparel

In 2015, clothing took over as the top e-commerce category, selling more than computer hardware for the first time.

comScore_logo_9JAN2016_to-fixAccording to a report by ComScore published last Wednesday, in the first half of 2015, the number one category for digital commerce was apparel and accessories. In the third quarter, it briefly lost the lead, but ended the year strong with more than 17 billion dollars in revenue.

This growth is credited to mobile commerce, which gained more than 19 percent in 2015. Reports show that mobile commerce is responsible for the overall growth of digital commerce in retail. People are more likely to use mobile commerce to purchase simple items such as apparel instead of computer products.

Digital commerce spending surpassed 90 million dollars, its highest total, in the last quarter of 2015, thanks to an increasing will of the consumers to shop on mobile devices. The share of discretionary spending that usually reaches a peak in colder months from digital spending reached 15 percent, an all-time high. Mobile commerce is overtaking brick-and-mortar commerce and even desktop e-commerce. It contributes 1 in every 6 dollars spent online, with 56 percent annual growth.

However, dollars account for time spent shopping online at 60 percent but in retail revenue, it is only 16 percent. The lag of digital media time spent is thanks to the challenges of converting, thanks to smaller screen sizes and consumers’ fears about security. As time goes by, the gap will keep narrowing.

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