Ortery Earns Coveted “Editor’s Choice” Award from PC Magazine

After testing thousands of products in their PC Labs, PC Magazine selects the “Editor’s Choice” winners within leading technology categories. Ortery recently earned the honorary and much coveted “Editor’s Choice” award from PC Magazine. Tony Hoffman, an analyst for PC Magazine with extensive history of testing and reviewing products, said the following about Ortery:


The Ortery 3D MFP is like no product I’ve reviewed before. It’s essentially an automated photography studio, capable of taking not just still shots, but also 360-degree, hemispherical, and spherical image sequences to be used as animations. It can also create 3D scans of objects to be uploaded into a cloud-based model repository or saved as files that can be sent, modified, or output on a 3D printer. Sounds complicated, but it’s actually very simple to operate, and in my testing, operation was largely problem-free.”

The Ortery 3D MFP is an audacious and wondrous machine.”

“…it will make bulk product photography a much easier and quicker task.”


After his review, Hoffman recognized the following regarding Ortery’s capabilites:

  • Shoots still images, as well as 360-degree, hemispherical, and spherical animations.
  • Creates 3D scans.
  • Largely automates product photography workflow.
  • Very quick in shooting image sequences.
  • Can save to multiple file formats.
  • Extensive help screens and tutorials.
  • Comes with 90-minute phone training session.
  • Unlimited lifetime tech support.

“Enormous, with a price tag to match, the Ortery 3D MFP is a product photography studio that can shoot stills and image sequences, plus scan in 3D. But it’s a breeze to use and could be a godsend for companies looking to market their products online.” – Hoffman

This award and recognition could not have gone to a better company. After over a decade of commitment to providing companies with quality photography equipment, Ortery has finally earned the recognition they deserve.

“We are honored to win this prestigious distinction from PC Mag. 3D MFP represents more than a decade of research and development. It’s wonderful to be recognized for our achievements in product photography and business communication.” – Sam Shearer, Managing Director of Ortery Technologies Inc.

Congrats to Ortery and we are very excited to see what the future holds for you.

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