Pantone Color Of The Year – Greenery

lee-eiseman-color-of-the-year-_2017-greenery-quote-ukA bold green highlighted with bright yellows called “greenery” was selected color of the year for 2017 Thursday by the Pantone Color Institute. The vibrant color is meant to evoke feelings of regrowth and the pairing of man and nature. Reminding people of something bigger than themselves is the al for greenery.

The New Jersey based institutes vice-president, Laurie Pressman stated in a interview Wednesday “It’s a realization for many people, this country is politically divided and we see that around the world. It’s not just us. There’s a real division in terms of globalization and this desire to pull back from globalization. It’s Brexit. It’s what we just saw in Italy.”

The institute helps several industries with questions about color for home and fashion design, product development to packaging. They also have their team of experts research trends in every aspect of life including online involving colors and use that information to choose a color of the year since 1999.

The winner for 2017, “greenery” can be found in the early stages of spring. In new plant buds and fresh blades of grass, but it also has made appearances within historical cultural events. The color which closely resembles a chartreuse has been linked to the flapper era of the 1920’s, the suffrage movement, the racial justice protest movement and war protests. The color itself is a contrast to the 2 colors picked for 2016, “rose quartz” and “serenity blue”.

Major industries have already took notice of the color with men’s and women’s fashion taking a liking to the bright green colored clothing and accessories, appliances including Keurig adding it to their palettes and even major car manufacturers including bright green model in their 2017 line-ups.

“We saw it always as a bold color,” Pressman said “but it may not have been accepted by some people. Today we look at this as a color associated with innovation. It takes on a whole different feeling.” She is referring to the modern recycle and share economies, the indoor vertical farming and the organic food and cleaning product craze. The style decorating aiming to bring the outdoors into our homes through living moss walls, green spaces and forestry murals. The color even comes into play with new startup companies and new products and celebrities whom choose to dye their hair in bright greens like Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner.

“It’s been there during time of bold change, when people are exploring,” Pressman states and it looks like it is here for 2017.

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