A Peak Into Dallas Total Home & Gift Market Events

DallasMartEventsThe Dallas Total Home & Gift Market is the definition of a great tradeshow!

Throughout the 3-day, Dallas Total Home & Gift Market tradeshow, the following events will take place:


Saturday, September 6 – Monday September 8

Gourmet Market Tastings | 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM | WTC 180

At the Gourmet Market Tastings, visitors and buyers can sample specialty foods and beverages. Items are available for purchase and can be offered at your store.


Saturday, September 6 & Sunday, September 7

Showroom Bucks on 7 | 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM | World Trade Center Atrium 7th Floor

Visit participating showrooms for a chance to win bucks good in 7th floor jewelry, fashion, and personal care showrooms.


Saturday, September 6

Discovery Tour – Affordable Last Minute Holiday Gifts | 10:30 AM | South Escalators, Trade Mart 1st Floor

Join industry expert Rawlins Gilliland for an exciting tour of gift items to add to your holiday product offering.

Discovery Tour – Gift & Décor Items to Maximize Holiday Sales | 3:00 PM | Fountain WTC 1 Hall of Nations

Another great and exciting tour by Rawlings Gilliland that showcases clever and sellable items that will impact your profits and customer base before and after the holiday rush.


Show Information:

Saturday, September 6 to Monday, September 8

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