PLMA Private Label Trade Show

Anyone who is looking to be involved with the ever expanding private label market needs to be at the 2016 PLMA Private Label Trade Show. With private label market share reaching 25% units sold in the U.S. and growing at a faster rate than most national brands there is no reason not to be involved, and the best place to start is at this trade show.

With more than 1,300 companies from 40 countries attending offering products to interest any wholesaler or private retailer and increase their inventory and sales. For more than 30 years PLMA annual trade show has been the go to even for private label beginners and experts alike. No show offers a greater opportunity for participants to meet and find their products, PLMA’s online Show Preview gives the buyer a chance to look into products they would like to get more information about before they even walk through the door to the event. Allowing the buyer the ease of going directly to the products they want more information about and time to meet with the seller and find out if it is right for them.

Exhibitors range from small to medium sized companies to well known national brands, giving everyone in attendance the opportunity to find their dream product and niche. Whether your just starting out or have been doing this for years, this is the show to attend for the most opportunity and ease for your time spent.

With the amazing growth found in the private label already and the tremendous amount of opportunity still to be discovered in the industry, there is no better time to get informed and see if it might be the right avenue for you. The PLMA Private Label Trade Show offers the best experience and environment that you can find, with the best quality products from the highest quality suppliers available.

So come found out for yourself what all the interest in the private label industry is about for yourself, located at the Rosemont Convention Center just 10 minutes away from O’Hare airport in Chicago November 13th through the 15th. You won’t be disappointed.

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