Get Product Innovation and Superior Quality Control through NTI

NTI is a new brand that is looking to dominate Brazilian market space by selling top-notch products that are sensual, light, comfortable, affordable, and innovative. The goal of NTI is to offer merchandise that is desirable, inexpensive, and made with high-quality materials. Thus, the consumer will not be forced to compromise quality for low costs.


Keeping It Local

NTI is a Brazilian brand and caters to United States buyers. Beyond being an established brand, the company is also a factory. NIT is a fully vertical operation: This means the company does not choose to subcontract any of its work. Ultimately, this gives NTI full control over the quality of every item the company produces. In an age of specialists, NTI is a rare breed of company, as it seeks tighter quality control verses extensive ease of production.

The company not only manufactures all of its own products but the products are sold within their own Brazil-based retail shops. At this point in time, the company features two fully air-conditioned retail locations where consumers can shop for superior products.

Benefits for Retailers

At NTI, retailers can discover wholesale advantages.  Retailers can place large orders and have them shipped via ocean containers or air. NTI has a capacity of 500,000 units a month, so buyers can easily make custom orders with them. The Brazilian retailer specializes in the production and sale of women’s underwear and men’s undergarments, and the company can assist in bringing additional brands to offer for sale in the Brazilian market through their retail locations and online store.

Benefits for Wholesale Buyers

Through NTI, wholesale buyers can get direct manufacturer pricing on products. You are encouraged to visit NTI’s official website and to use the site’s contact page in order to pre-register so you can gain the benefits of being an NTI reseller. If a retailer wants to discover how much it will cost to order products and have them shipped, by visiting the NTI website, the retailer/wholesaler can input the products desired and simulate a purchase by adding the items to the shopping cart. After doing so, the wholesaler can view the shipping calculation field to find out about the cost of shipping.

You can connect with NTI on their Facebook page.  

The company’s official website address is

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