New Range of Kid-Friendly Bikes from Strider Sports Aim to Start Kids Young on Riding

New Range of Kid-Friendly Bikes from Strider Sports International Aim to Start Kids Young on Riding

Borne out of frustrations on complex and unwieldy children’s bicycles, Strider Sports founder and inventor Ryan McFarland has simplified children’s bicycles to their essence. 

“I started cutting, grinding, and unbolting every piece of non-essential weight I could find,” McFarland said. “When I got to the drive train (pedals, cranks, bearing, chain, sprockets), I realized this was the majority of the weight and complexity. I paused for quite some time at this point as I pondered how to lighten the drive train.”

“Could I drill holes in it? Could I cut away parts of it? Until finally… could I simply remove it completely? Hmmm… now a new dilemma, a mental dilemma… if it didn’t have pedals, would it still be considered riding a bike? What defines riding? Again, the racer in me urged simplify, simplify, simplify.”

The result is today’s industry-leading training bikes that help kids as young as 18 months to learn riding on two wheels. With a company full of passionate riders, Strider Sports International does not only design and manufacture children’s bike; the company inspires kids and toddlers to grab a bike and ride with its kid-friendly bicycles designed to instil confidence and the lifelong skills of riding.

“My son hopped on the bike and started walking without giving it a second thought. 100 percent of his focus was now on keeping the bike upright and centered under him as he walked. In short order, I could see him ‘experimenting’ with holding his feet up between steps… trying to coast ever so slightly. At first, quite wobbly and only going inches before dabbing his feet back to the ground.”

“But, he wasn’t FALLING, and he wasn’t SCARED, because his feet were on the ground. He was actually self-motivated to keep trying to glide further and further each time… with repeated “Watch me! Watch me!” as he beamed with pride. I simply let him play and learn at his own pace, and soon he was balancing and gliding at will, riding down hills, over the grass, and through puddles.”

Strider bikes equip kids with the fundamental of riding: balance. Each model keeps the rider’s focus on the basics of balancing, leaning, and steering, without the complexities of pedals or training wheels.

The simple, no-pedal design of Strider bikes are aimed at building confidence and eliminating fear when kids ride.

“By allowing kids to have their feet on the ground and progress at their own pace. This unique design teaches young children balance on two wheels right from the start, avoiding developmental delays typical with tricycles and training-wheel bikes,”

New Strider bike models are available in entry-level 12 Classic, the feature-rich 12 Sport and an all-aluminium high-end 12 Pro model. The bikes and accessories are available at the Strider website and local dealers. For more information on Strider Sports International and find out which bike is best for you, visit

ABOUT STRIDER SPORTS — Founded in 2007 by Ryan McFarland, Strider Sports International designs and manufactures return-to-simple, pedal-less Strider bikes for toddlers and kids. Himself a bike racer and a father, McFarland simplifies children’s bikes to their bare essentials and has developed a new line of bikes that are both effective and safe for kids to ride. Strider Sports is a company full of passionate riders, with a common mission to build lightweight, all-terrain bikes that can effectively develop two-wheel balance, coordination, and confidence in children.

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