Reading Retail Building’s Magnetic Signatures for Locating Merchandise

There are new technologies in place that may one day help you experience a more streamlined shopping experience in the mall.  Shops are being assigned a magnetic signature all their own, one based on the actual design of the building. These same signatures may one day instruct you about the items you seek and where you can find them.

Recently, IndoorAtlas, a company that aims to make indoor location ubiquitous and who is currently serving as many as 270 million app users from all over the globe, offers such technologies so you’ll have a far easier time finding the stores where you want to shop. The newest technological application made available by IndoorAtlas is set to make shopping far more convenient. The app allows a shopper to find merchandise based on product category, and the app allows the shopper to discover the location of specified brands.

How It Works

Indoor Atlas works on devices featuring an iOS or Android operating system and no hardware is required for its use. This more than impressive cloud powered app has a newly designed user’s interface, better Internet connectivity, and it has been updated with improvements for better performance. The app works along with the building’s magnetic signature: A feature based upon the amount of steel and alternative metals that are physically in the building as well as on the way the building has been constructed. IndoorAtlas’ beacon technology relies on a mobile app that provides the user with a compass to locate what he or she is looking for in the mall or large shopping center.

The steel girders in the building supply signals interpreted by the app. The use of a magnetic map will allow the user to instantly discover one’s location and what direction to head. The latest beacon technology allows users to speak to the app in order to get a response pertaining to the location of merchandise within the mall.  By basing the features of the app on the existing structure, the owner of the structure does not need to add any special features. With IndoorAtlas, there is no need for a map placed at the front doors of the mall and no need for electronics or beacons.

View the video below to see the App in action:

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