Redefining Imagery and Professional Product Photography with Iconasys

With so many available photography software programs available in today’s market, Iconasys has launched a brand new program that is loaded with features that any photographer is sure to like.

Who is Iconasys?

Product-Photography-Workflow-Step-1They are a company full of professional photographers who have dealt with businesses and individuals who demand high quality photography products.

This team of professionals spent many long hours on capturing images, only to be disappointed with the end product. Going back to the drawing board to come up with a new plan, and new software for the highest possible quality photographs possible, the team set out to redefine the workflow which would allow individuals to capture, and process high quality imagery.

In the process of redefining imagery and photography as we all know it, the Iconasys team came up with their own software which would fully integrate image capturing, image editing and image processing. This new software, Shutter Stream Product Photography Software launched and before long started receiving feedback from their customer base. After reviewing the feedback, the company learned that the new software they had developed was perfect for 360 product photography.

The team went back to design and came up with another new, astounding photography software design, and Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography Software was born. The software features are numerous, and provide outstanding quality for any type of photograph.

The software features of Shutter Stream Product Photography are almost endless and some of those included are:

  • Image Capture
  • Live View
  • Overlay
  • Rotate
  • Snap
  • Image processing
  • Dynamic Saving
  • Batch Saving
  • Image Transfer
  • Email

This new product is sure to amaze even the most novice photographer.

With the addition of Shutter Stream 360 Product Photography now photographers can take their images from start to finish thanks to the streamline of the workflow. This new software actually increases efficiency by 800%. With 360 the photographer can choose from many options, such as 3D live view which provides a large, real time view of what the camera sees. Users will have the ability to adjust their camera settings with use of a mouse, and this will give them a simulation in the live view window on the screen. This is very helpful in adjusting the white balance, flash, shutter speed, exposure, ISO and aperture, which all make a huge difference in photograph quality.

Pre-cropping photos is almost always going to be used in 360. The cropping process used to be done within an image software program only after the photograph had been taken. Getting all of the images the same size and ratio is now a thing of the past, as Shutter Stream 360 allows the photographer to pre-crop the images in live view mode, and the cropping process is the same from shot to shot.

Image Overlay is much easier now when trying to get the optimal position of the photograph by placing a transparent image over the top of the photograph, again in live view mode.

What is seen in live view mode with this amazing software, is what your final photographs will look like and will aid in the process from shooting the photograph, down to printing.

Learn more or contact Iconasys:

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