How Retailers Can Benefit From A Quality Phone System And Enhance Customer Service Solutions

As an independent retailer, one of your primary goals is to ensure full customer satisfaction at all times. Keeping your customers satisfied is critical to your business, and outstanding customer support is part of the formula for keeping your customers happy.

To that end, having a quality phone system can ensure you have exceptional customer service solutions in place as well as a dependable method for reaching out to your new and existing customers. A phone system is just one method for reaching customers, but it is not one that should be overlooked.


Customer Service In Today’s Tech-Life

Yes, it is true there are additional, more technologically savvy methods for continual customer contact, such as an email campaign, or online methods of customer connections through sharing content or blogs. There is also offline methods for reaching your customers through direct mailing methods, and various forms of advertising. Still, the independent retailer works extremely hard at not just building a customer base, but cultivating it so that it expands over the course of time. A phone system gives the retailer a means of making continual contact with customers, and one should never underestimate what a powerful marketing effect a single phone call can be. What’s more, having a good phone system in place ensures a customer can always reach out to the retailer with questions, concerns, feedback, and product or service ordering.

Professional Phone Systems vs Traditional Landline

A retailer can best benefit from a professional phone system versus the traditional landline phone one would find in a home environment. There are plenty of cost effective solutions for small business owners who desire the phone features one would expect from a large business. Some of the best features to look for include:

Automated Attendant: If you have many incoming phone calls to your business, it may not always be possible for you to answer every single call or to handle each phone call directly. Automated Attendant functions makes it possible for you to direct calls to desired extensions or to let the caller leave a call back number and message.

Go cordless: You’ll want to be able to answer the phone anywhere you are while at the office or your business location. If you opt for cordless handsets, employees can answer the phone while they are working on something else: It’s multitasking at its best.

Multiple phone lines: This allows the customer the ability to get through to the business, even if a single line is busy. Without multiple lines, you run the risk of losing the customer who doesn’t want to spend forever on hold or who doesn’t care for being forced into leaving a voice mail message. If you have a high volume phone call situation, multiple lines are a good idea.

Recording features: If you can benefit from recording phone calls, either as a way of documenting information following the phone call or as a way of assessing how your employees handling incoming phone calls to your business, recording features are an invaluable tool for the small business owner.

Superior sound: You want to be able to hear your customer and vice versa. Opt for an HD audio system to ensure superior sound at all times.

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