The Rules of Engaging Your Customers Online

So you’ve decided to start a business. You’ve selected your product and your supplier, and placed your first Chinese wholesale order. Now you have to somehow sell the products in your area or country. You need to transform your simple idea into a brand that will sell your ideas and image along with the products.

socialmedia_blog2_thumbThe first rule of getting noticed these days is social media.

Of course this means to have a presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and other media sites, but that isn’t all. It also means it is necessary to actually use these platforms. You can’t make your sites on there and call it a day. Social media is all about networking. In order to use these to your advantage, you must post often and consistently. You should develop a presence and be available if any of your customers want to contact you.

The second rule is selling on multiple platforms.

You might have a website or shop in order to sell your goods, but it can also benefit you to sell on another platform as well, such as Amazon or eBay. You can use their built-in systems so customers can find you. If customers like your product and service, they will be more willing to seek you out again, possibly for something more customized.

The third rule is Build a Brand.

While your brand can be your name or logo, branding is also about reputation. You’ve established a social media presence and have been selling things on other sites, so the more you sell and interact with your customers, the more they associate your brand with good things.

The fourth rule is Grow your Google position.

You can use SEO, or search engine optimization, by hiring experts to help you produce content that will make your website or shop appear high in Google search results. It’s a fact that not many people will click past the second page of search results, if they got past the first page. The higher up your brand is, the more likely more people will see it.

The final rule is Build a Customer Database.

Whether it’s an email subscription or your followers on Facebook, you need a way of reaching your customers. You can then use that connection to bring more business to your business. Offer deals, sales or special offers and use your database to get the word out. You can also send out coupons and other promotions to make ordering from you more appealing.

A business isn’t as simple as getting product and selling it, you need to engage your customers and get them to want to order from you over anyone else. You do this by getting your name out there and interacting in memorable ways.

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