Safety Technology: Wholesale Dropshippers of Safety & Self-Defense Products

The need for safety is one of the most fundamental concerns we all have in order to feel secure in general. Crime is everywhere, and has always been rampantly occurring, reflected by the growing crime rates of some of the world’s most dangerous places. We will do everything just to keep ourselves from harm’s way and maintain the peace of mind we deserve.

This is where Safety Technology’s safety & self-defense tools and weapons come in handy in order to protect ourselves and our home or office from the most precarious environments and situations.

Established in 1986, Safety Technology has been one of the largest wholesale dropshippers of self-defense products such as stun guns, maces, pepper sprays, diversion safe, personal alarms, and spy and surveillance cameras for personal, home or business use. It features only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands namely MACE®, Pepper Shot®, Wildfire® and Stun Master®, which are considered as premier products in the security industry.

Safety Technology was founded by former United States Air Force Intelligent Officer and Vietnam War veteran Michael Gravette. He joined the Air Force in 1967, and was selected for Intelligence School. Later, he was given Top Secret Clearance, which was then upgraded to Super Sensitive Information Restricted (SSIR). In 1969, he was responsible in reviewing films taken by reconnaissance planes during the war at Tan Son Nuh Air Force in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam.

“I would look for troop movement, truck convoys, hidden AAA sites (anti aircraft artillery) and SAM sites (Surface to Air Missile) that could shoot down our pilots. My intelligence reports were not only used by the Air Force, but also the Army, Navy, Marines and the Pentagon,” said Gravette.

For more than two decades, Safety Technology has been in the wholesale industry, making sure that all safety and self-defense products are of high quality, tip-top condition and free from any kind of defects. The company has also been a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau for years, and has preserved its good business standing.

Safety Technology offers a wholesale kit for wholesalers and distributors, particularly first-timers. This includes comprehensive information about the product, plus a complete marketing guide in reselling/wholesaling the product. Buyers can either choose one from the startup packages, or pick specific items from the list of safety products available.

For enquiries and other related product concerns, you may contact Safety Security via toll-free number 1-800-477-1739, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (EST). For more information, visit

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