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sav on closeoutsSav-On Closeouts gives you one of the biggest selections of wholesale toys, novelties, home and party decorations, greeting cards and a whole lot more. Their huge array of unique merchandise perfectly matches any given major holiday or occasion such as Valentine’s, Paddy’s Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Established since 1986, Sav-On Closeouts has been steadfastly dedicated to bring brand new, high quality items to its clients ranging from small-medium enterprise to big corporations. The 28-year-old company has been very flexible to retailers and wholesalers with its zero minimum orders. Membership is also free-of-charge.

Stickers with holiday or educational themes top the list as one of the Sav-On’s best selling items. “These are very popular for parties and with schools,” reveals Sav-On Closeouts manager Jared Mottes.

Another oddly popular item are rubber duckies, which are available in various designs for a specific theme, whether it may be a wedding day, corporate event, birthday or any special occasion. “Rubber duckies are big impulse buys,” continues Mottes. “They are very affordable, and kids and adults love them.”

Plush toys and greeting cards are also considered top selling items, since they are perfect for gift-giving especially on birthdays and anniversaries. “We have a huge selection of humorous birthday, anniversary, and friendship greeting cards we are selling at a great, low price,” shares Mottes. “They are ideal add-on items for vendors, no matter what types of products they are selling.”Other in-demand items include balloons and fun party decorations such as balloons in several shapes and designs.

Mardi Gras is just around the corner, and Sav-On Closeouts exclusively offers a line of bracelets, earrings, beads and other novelty items matched for the occasion.

Paddy’s Day follows closely. Sav-On Closeouts offers St. Patrick’s Day can insulators to keep drinks cold throughout the all-night celebration.  “Beverage can koozies are among our biggest sellers for St. Patty’s Day,” Mottes adds. “Buttons, pins, and costume wear such as shamrock and leprechaun hats sell very well, too.”

Home ornaments such as wall and table decors and fun egg items are quite popular during Easter.

Check more interesting products Sav-On offers by visiting their website at www.sav-on-closeouts.com.

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