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Throughout the season on their blog, the Buyer’s Lounge, online wholesale marketplace has been publishing insight into the top spring color trends, and sharing this insight here at Top 10 Wholesale. Today, we have another one of these color reports, which features Scuba Blue.

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Considering that Pantone’s spring palette takes cues from nature, Scuba Blue’s inspiration becomes kind of obvious. It is reminiscent of a tropical ocean in a paradise destination where scuba diving in clear waters could take place. It represents escape and excitement, inviting you in and giving you the opportunity to play. The color is not only refreshing in and of itself, in purchasing ladies wholesale fashion in Scuba Blue has the power to refresh your store and add a pop to your merchandising.

The selection of ladies wholesale fashion at reflects multiple interpretations of Scuba Blue. Some shades have more blue undertones, whereas others are slightly green. The spectrum of saturation and lightness differs slightly as well. But the overall mood that it contributes to is one in the same. As temperatures slowly begin to climb, it will be the perfect cool shade to sell all spring and summer long.

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Scuba Blue is an approachable color for everyone. For the younger demographic, it can be paired with pinks and blacks for more bold looks. Increase the sophistication of Scuba Blue for older demographics by suggesting a Navy blue or white blazer to correspond.

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Guest Writer: Charlotte Pratt

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