Solving B2B Customer Experience Problems

There is one universal truth for B2B companies, and all related companies: your customers are key. Without them you wouldn’t have any business, so you should focus your efforts on streamlining their experience before you start investing in shiny gadgets for your company.

Virtual HandshakeThe first thing you should ask yourself is about the process your customers use when selecting your company, products and how they incorporate your products or services into their business.

Most customers follow the same basic process. They realize a need. They then research their options. Once they’ve done their research, they decide and make a purchase. When they receive their order, they use the product, and they might have questions. Lastly, they want to incorporate your products into what they already have.

How do you solve these problems?

You must go step by step, think of what you can do daily to fill all of these needs, and what you need to be capable of these daily steps. When a customer needs something, you need to be a company they think of. This involves your reputation. You can change this, of course, by working on your marketing. Get your company’s name in front of your customers.

When they are looking at their options, you need to make sure all of the information is in front of them, whether it is the terms of your products or services, pricing, the availability, or any other info they could need. You can do this by working with IT, financing, and keeping your product portfolio current and updated.

Once they decide to order from you, you have more work to do. Make sure your inventory is available, work with them on a made-to-order product or make other arrangements to get your product to them. Your supply chain or warehouses should be efficient.

Make sure they receive their product satisfactorily. Make the shipments on time, do up invoices properly, assign drivers if necessary.

The install process should go smoothly, with field advice and spec sheets. The process should have been tested thoroughly. If they have questions about use or warranty, be available and helpful. Do any returns, exchanges or refunds promptly and efficiently.

Help customers integrate your products with their existing systems by bundling your products with useful items, or have affiliates and alliances. Knowing your customers is the first step, do surveys and research to find out what they want and need. Anticipating those needs and having an efficient system in place to meet them is a way to elevate your customer experience.

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