Sourcing Wholesale Merchandise Tips for Amazon Suppliers

One of the easiest ways to operate a business out of your home is to sell merchandise online. By buying items at a low price and then selling it on websites like eBay or Amazon is a great cash generator.

By identifying reliable sources for renewable items is the best way to develop and build your income from selling online. Working with reliable wholesalers and suppliers will help you purchase your items at a lower price and ensures that you have a stable stream of products to refresh the items that have been sold and receive the best profit margins.

With this in mind, you will have both pros and cons. You might be able to begin with a small order of items, even as low as $200 depending on the items you wish to begin with. If you build a good professional relationship with the dealers you could possibly acquire exclusive rights when selling on Amazon. Though to be a good seller of items on Amazon you will have a high level of competition, and it may take a bit of research before finding the right wholesaler for the items you want to carry.

3 Tips for Resale On Amazon (or eBay)

  • Do your research pertaining to other successful online sellers on eBay and Amazon. Look at the item grouping or packaging together, where they are getting their products from, see what there is that you might be able to implement for yourself. Knowing what your customers want will benefit you immensely. Doing your research can keep you from ending up with several items that are not moving.
  • As with any business the best time to search for new items to put in stock is when sales are high and everything is doing well. If you wait until sales are down it could be too late to bring in more profitable items for another option. Keep your eyes open for new suppliers and products to bring your customers.
  • Looking for places to get the products you wish to sell closer to where you live can save on expenses such as shipping and handling. Another idea to keep in mind to save money on buying is to find out if there are discounts for buying larger quantities. Very often if you order more products from the wholesaler at a time it is cheaper than buying multiple orders spread out over the same timeframe.

Continuously looking for alternative suppliers for your products is always a great thing to keep in mind. No matter how well your business is going, there is always the chance that the unthinkable can happen to a supplier. Even when sales are rising and everything seems to be going great, do not stop looking for new products or better ways to bring in the product that you want to sell online. You can create a great sourcing strategy by keeping up with research, for both customers and product, and finding other avenues of bringing items in.

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