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Super Grip Lock: Must-See Solution To An Everyday Crime and Turn-Key Business Opportunity

It’s a common scene in the movies…robber walks up to a door, reaches into their pocket,pulls out a few tools and easily picks the locks to get inside. What’s scary about this? This potentially serious situation is no longer only found in movie scripts. Every day, thousands of homeowners are having their safety threatened by common crooks who know how to bypass the locks of any door imaginable.

Buying unlocking devices online is simple, cheap, and happening every day! Don’t believe us? Do a quick Google search for “ABC Bump Key News” and the results will astound you. Everyday newscasters show exactly how simply it is to pick locks, with no prior experience required!

How Do You Protect Your Family?

Police recommended deadbolt lock accessory, the Super Grip Lock is an easy to install solution that can literally save your life. And it works, see a full demo here.

The Super Grip Lock was invented to stop anyone from unlocking your door by providing a solution that works on most deadbolts.

Installing this US Patent confirmed accessory is as easy as 1,2,3 Super Grip Lock Installation

1. WHILE LOCKED, slip the Black Elastic Pocket or Eyelet (located at the end of the Strap) over the Tip of the Deadbolt Handle/Key.

2.WRAP once around Handle or Key in the Direction required to lock Deadbolt go under the Doorknob lift up until snug.

3. FIRMLY PRESS the self-locking fabric together

Super Grip Lock Turn Key Business

In order to make the Super Grip Lock available to as many homeowners, renters, and travelers as possible, marketers are being provided with a “turn-key business and an industry tested, police recommended product with customer satisfaction so compelling they must tell others.”

Below are features for marketers:

1.Super Grip Lock requires little or no storage space as 700 products poly-bagged and bar-coded fit into a Master Cartons 24”L x 10 H” x 10 W which could be placed in the mail room.

2.Filling an order is no more difficult than putting the product inside the Customer Invoice and placing them into a size 11 envelope and mailing it.

3.One product mails First Class for $.49 per single unit and three products mail for $1.19 or if your prefer tacking it’s additional $1.05 per mailing.

4.As shown by ABC the market is absolutely vast. Super Grip lock is the ideal solution for most homeowners, renters and travelers, plus it’s affordable for almost anyone who lives in America and why the marketing potential is unlimited..

Simply choose the number of units you wish and order the Super Grip Lock today!

Contact Information for Super Grip Lock:

Ron Moore CEO

Super Grip Lock LLC

1162 Riverside Drive

Myrtle Creek, OR 97457

Phone: 541-378-4533


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