Tactical, Military Surplus, and Survival Wholesale from Fox Outdoor

Foxoutdoor.com, also known as Fox Outdoor, prides itself on its continued and ongoing commitment to selling high quality products and items stemming from the latest innovations.

Fox Outdoor sells an array of wholesale products, thousands of items of which the National Tactical Officers Association approves (NTOA).


Committed to Serving Members of Law Enforcement

The NTOA is committed to serving members of law enforcement and the nonprofit organization presently consists of greater than 40K in terms of members. The members of the organization stem from a wide range of specialties including individuals who are experts in behavioral sciences, explosives, protective operations, corrections, crisis negotiations, and more. Some of the positions that members fill include command, sniper, canine, and patrol, among other protective, law enforcement jobs. The goal of the NTOA is to improve the professional status and performance current members of law enforcement. Fox Outdoor Products meets or exceeds the expectations of the NTOA.

Why Fox Outdoor?

Since the early 1980s, Fox Outdoor has served as an importer of outdoor gear, tactical gear, and military products. The company has its own state of the art facility for product shipping and receiving, and the company is currently located in Melrose, Illinois.

Fox Outdoor sells products that fall into the following categories: Tactical, Enforcement, Military, Cargo, Adventure, Xtreme Endurance, and Essentials. Some of the items retailers can order for resale include accessories, books, manuals, hunting equipment, Zippos, patriotic items, novelties, core products, knives, watches, survival, bags, flags, and more. Fox is confident in the high quality of its products, so much so that it offers consumers a 1-year warranty on every one of its products. 

How To Contact Fox Outdoor

You can reach customer service by calling 518.708.9210. The company has a heritage that goes as far back as World War II when the company’s founder, Henry Fox, discovered the military surplus niche market. The original Fox Outdoor business was sold in the year 1970, but Henry Fox’s nephew, Daniel Fox, revived the family business by launching a new business rooted in the old in the early 1980s.

Retailers interested in buying wholesale items from Fox Outdoor can sign up for an account online and view the company’s catalog by visiting Foxoutdoor.com.

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