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Attracting Generation Z to your Online Store

May 21st, 2019

Are you trying to attract new customers to your online store? If so, you may be looking to capture Generation Z, which is one of the two largest retail markets. Previously, Millennials have gotten all the attention of brands and...

  • Google Looks to Turn Product Searches into CashGoogle Looks to Turn Product Searches into CashMarch 25th, 2018Maybe Google needs increased revenue to equip their Silicon Valley headquarters with more nap pods, build a new gym, or to start an organic farm on-site for employees? Or, maybe they’re just trying to level the online marketplace playing field?...
  • 3 Integral Ways for Making Your Brand Stand Out from All OthersSeptember 16th, 2015Whether you have got a small retail business or you are the head of a big corporation, branding is an essential element to success. Ultimately, every business requires a powerful branding strategy. Your brand is how customers come to identify...
  • 4 Ways To Create A Dedicated Instagram FollowingSeptember 9th, 2015If you are looking for a powerful means for advertising your brand, then look no further than the likes of Instagram. Visual messages are appealing and when you harness the power of visual advertising opportunities, you will soon recognize just...
  • eFashionWholesale.com Name Brands + Luxury Brands Apparel | Handbags | Shoes Accessories | Cosmetics
  • 12 Months of Christmas: A Retail OpportunityMarch 11th, 2013Christmas is the busiest time of the year for many retailers, therefore  if we could develop a year round Christmas of sales the retailer and consumer should be happy. Imagine if Christmas was a year round event. The stock turn...
  • Via Trading Offers Retailers New Floor Standing DisplaysAugust 17th, 2011As a recognized leader in the liquidation industry, Via Trading has always been focused on the notion of continuous improvement. It strives to serve its retail customers and lead the industry by example. For that reason, we were not surprised to learn Via is offering its retail customers a standing floor display solution that can be used for influencing customers in the aisles.
  • Wholesalers Can Benefit from Social NetworkingJuly 12th, 2011Wholesalers and general merchandise vendors looking to improve customer service might want to consider the benefits social networking communities can have on their business. Social media communities are full of like-minded people who want to share, discuss, and learn more about industry issues. There can be common interests in the goods and services sold online, as well as many other topics such as returned goods, online fraud and promotions that work. Given the opportunity, wholesalers can capitalize on the ability to communicate with their current and prospective customers.
  • Mobile Searches Are Up as Mobile Apps Change Consumer BehaviorFebruary 11th, 2011At its ThinkMobile Event January 10, Google reported it saw a 400 percent increase in the number of mobile searches over the past year, and that 20 percent of Google’s search volume in certain categories was coming through mobile devices. Based on its December 2010 usage data, Yelp reported in January that mobile apps generated calls to local business “every other second.”
  • Wholesale COVID-19 Supplies | In Stock in NJ and CA | Hand Sanitizers, Face Masks, and MoreMY168.com is a wholesaler and manufacturer of COVID-19 Supplies, general merchandise, and more.
  • The Good, Bad, and Ugly about Online Brand BuzzDecember 10th, 2010Times are always changing, and with all of the new developments in the way everyone is branding their products and creating an identity for themselves, social media has surprised all of us; for how it's led the revolution in the race to see what kind of content is distributed to the masses. On the other hand, this sudden surge in home-grown word of mouth advertising on the digital frontier has created a problem for marketers who need to have control over how their products and services are being branded, especially once they've been let off the chain. It's a good idea to stay on top of this topic, in order to make the most of social media and other forms of online marketing.
  • Dropshipping for Small Business MerchantsNovember 25th, 2010Dropshipping is a viable ecommerce strategy for small online retailers and mail order merchants because it eliminates the need to buy and store inventory as well as the hassles of shipping out merchandise. Dropshipping offers numerous benefits for the small merchant including low overhead, high profit margins, no need for inventory, storage space and shipping.
  • Proliferation in Handheld Electronics Push Mobile Ad SpendingOctober 23rd, 2010Recent years have brought digital communications far away from the desktop, and a growing number of users are slowly replacing immovable and chunky PC's with their sleeker, smaller, and startlingly powerful siblings. Tablets, mobile phones, e-book readers, and other innovations will promote a constant and information-rich stream of data that surrounds every aspect of daily life, and with that data stream comes accessibility to consumers that was never before imagined.
  • Dispelling the Mysteries of “Groupons”October 22nd, 2010Retail is a competitive industry, and with the holiday sales season of 2010 looming ahead, the business of serving consumers at the street level will become even more intense. Many marketing tactics and advertising channels are put to the test during the busy season, and some are better than others. In recent days, there has been a lot of buzz over the term “groupon,” and it has become a topic surrounded by mystery for some retailers who want to make the most of any device they can, to maximize profits. Here is a quick study on groupons, and where they may be useful – or fall short – for those in the retail industry.
  • DirectLiquidation.com | 70% Off Retail on Name Brands | Cases, Pallets, TruckloadsWholesale auction marketplace for surplus inventory, customer returns, overstock and refurbished merchandise. We are the exclusive liquidator for several top US retailers stocking millions in inventory you can't find anywhere else. Free to register.
  • Online Optimism: the Outlook for WholesalersApril 10th, 2010It's been a rough ride, in an online climate that has seen a dizzying number of historic events in the last few years. There have been political coups allegedly spurred on by twittering and tweeting revolutionaries; the Beijing Olympics, and the uproar caused by promises broken to bring more “openness” to Internet coverage of the Games, and subsequent media interaction; video has exploded onto the mainstream media outlets; newspapers and traditional journalism have apparently finally accepted the fact that online content is nudging them out of the race; and for expats and a growing number of citizens in China, there is still no legal access to sites like facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, to name only three. What's the good news?

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