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Start Your Online Business with Dropship Town

June 16th, 2019

Have you ever wanted to have your own e-commerce business? Maybe you’ve dreamed of selling children’s wear, electronics, or art supplies. Entrepreneurship is a dream for many. But, the idea of having so much inventory on hand can seem like...

  • Wholesale Kratom and CBD | Leading Counterculture Product Supplier
  • Step Up Your Drop Shipping GameQuick Tips to Step Up Your Drop Shipping GameJune 12th, 2017Drop shipping is all the rage. E and m-commerce has seeped its way into our shopping habits and with it has come the prevalence of drop shipping. For the companies whose business model fits this supply chain management method, it...
  • Business Benefits Of Drop Shipping: Is It Right For Your Company?August 27th, 2014There are several benefits available to businesses that want to pursue a drop shipping business model. Before we tackle that though, let’s first clarify how drop shipping functions: The short version: You buy products from a wholesaler who will ship...
  • Reader’s Choice: The Most Popular Stories of 2011January 4th, 2012TopTenWholesale’s newsroom has been publishing wholesale and retail news over the last six years, and our blog has been around since 2005. What articles do you think caught the attention of our readers over the last 12 months? To refresh your memory, below are the articles and highlights for our most popular stories of 2011.
  • Retailers Are Drop Shipping to Save CapitalOctober 20th, 2011While retailers have been struggling since the recession started a few years ago, many of them are now looking for ways to increase sales without using precious capital. Drop shipping is a great way to save capital because retailers can take orders without having to stock inventory, and they can ship directly from their suppliers. The benefits are low overhead, zero investment, no warehouse and shipping overhead. Retailers can negotiate a confidentiality agreement with suppliers so their customers don’t know the difference.
  • Wholesale Drop Shipping Revolution from Kole ImportsMarch 8th, 2011Jason Kole, VP of Business Development at Kole Imports, says “Remember when Steve Jobs took the stage announcing the first iPhone, telling us all that the product was at least five years ahead of anything else the industry currently offered? Consider me proudly saying ditto.” It's a bold statement, for sure... but for those in the small and medium sized wholesale and retail industry, it's a startling announcement that has been eagerly anticipated for a couple of years now.

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Uvicon’s flagship product Clip2Keep

June 17th, 2019

Creating solutions to consumer’s everyday problems is what establishes a company as a successful product developer. With merely two years in business, the young company Uvicon has created products that have vastly impacted the market. Under the leadership of founder...