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FedEx to Raise Shipping Rates by 4.9% FedEx to Raise Shipping Rates by 4.9%

Three little words have the power to convince an online consumer to make a purchase- “Free standard shipping.” The likes of Amazon and other retailers have made shoppers accustomed to avoiding paying shipping rates and ordering online with ease. This...

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  • 6 Tips for Shipping to Foreign CountriesThere are many requirements for shipping products overseas. When selecting an international shipper, SMBs must have an understanding of the many international shipping options and their pros and cons. Time in transit is an important consideration when selling to an overseas market. Customer satisfaction is essential, and ensuring that customers receive their products on time is an important competitive advantage for business success.

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How Retailers Can Cope with Post-Holiday Returns How Retailers Can Cope with Post-Holiday Returns

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for retail; everyone is all hopped up on eggnog and consumerism. And it shows. Year after year, many retailers make a majority of their sales in the fourth quarter. Although, just as...