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Google Shopping Increases OmniChannel Efforts

May 24th, 2019

Google plans to take back some of the market shares from Amazon with the new “revamped” Google Shopping, Retail Dive reports. The search engine already allows users to compare product prices across merchants in their area. Although now this spans...

  • Google Shopping Giving Amazon a Run for Its (Your) MoneyGoogle Shopping Giving Amazon a Run for Its (Your) MoneyDecember 23rd, 2017There are many questions that plague the American people. Do you prefer coke or Pepsi, dogs or cats, or YouTube or Netflix? If that wasn’t hard enough, now it seems that the line is becoming less clear on who favors...
  • Wholesale COVID-19 Supplies | In Stock in NJ and CA | Hand Sanitizers, Face Masks, and MoreMY168.com is a wholesaler and manufacturer of COVID-19 Supplies, general merchandise, and more.
  • Google Free Product Listings to Become PaidJune 3rd, 2012Later this year, Google will no longer offer free product listings on Google Product Search, and the name of the service will change to Google Shopping. Right now, merchants must send their product feeds to Google to have their product...
  • Reader’s Choice: The Most Popular Stories of 2011January 4th, 2012TopTenWholesale’s newsroom has been publishing wholesale and retail news over the last six years, and our blog has been around since 2005. What articles do you think caught the attention of our readers over the last 12 months? To refresh your memory, below are the articles and highlights for our most popular stories of 2011.
  • Google Product Search Drives Merchant SalesDecember 29th, 2011As ecommerce becomes more competitive, online merchants must work harder to be successful. Most merchants have heard of Google Product Search, the Google price comparison service that displays products in the organic SERPs. Originally named Froogle, Google Product Search has been around for a while and continues to become more important because the comparison shopping engine helps drive customer traffic to merchant sites through Google's search algorithms and technologies.
  • The Future of Retail Online Merchandising: A Review of Google Product SearchJanuary 17th, 2011Recently, I was at "Retail's Big Show" which is the National Retail Federation's Annual Summit in New York. The purpose of the conference is to connect Fortune 500 retailers with companies that can empower them with new software and hardware solutions. Decision makers from every reach of the retail industry get together to discuss industry news and upcoming technology that will revolutionize the retail world.

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Top Three Reasons Buyers Don’t Miss ASD Market Week

March 10th, 2020

If you are in the wholesale buying business, you might have already heard of ASD Market Week. It’s the tradeshow that takes place every summer and spring in Las Vegas. It’s also the largest consumer merchandise buying show in the...