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FBA Fox for Amazon FBA Sellers

April 18th, 2019

FBA a three-letter word that packs quite a punch for Amazon sellers. FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon, an order fulfillment method whose motto is “You sell it, we ship it.” Above all, this is an excellent resource for sellers...

  • 6 Simple Ways To Clear Out Your Inventory And Make Room for NewJuly 13th, 2015Are you stuck with a bunch of extra inventory?  Are you unsure what to do with it all?  If you have piles of product that aren’t bringing you any income, here are a few tips on what you can do...
  • Retailers Are Drop Shipping to Save CapitalOctober 20th, 2011While retailers have been struggling since the recession started a few years ago, many of them are now looking for ways to increase sales without using precious capital. Drop shipping is a great way to save capital because retailers can take orders without having to stock inventory, and they can ship directly from their suppliers. The benefits are low overhead, zero investment, no warehouse and shipping overhead. Retailers can negotiate a confidentiality agreement with suppliers so their customers don’t know the difference.
  • Your Premier Destination to Meet International Apparel, Textile, Fashion and Fabric ManufacturersMeet hundreds of international manufacturers, touching the fabrics and fashions first-hand, and hearing directly from industry leaders - all at one convenient destination.
  • Tips and Tricks for Increasing Profits at Flea Market SalesJanuary 31st, 2011Flea markets are a great place to resell liquidation goods because they are by definition, a place where consumers go to find great deals in everyday items. The concentration of buyers looking for cheap alternatives to department store products makes flea markets an excellent place to move a large amount of inventory consistently; but a flea market table alone won't make the sales for you. While there are hundreds of things you can do to increase your profits, here are some ideas that once implemented, can greatly increase the number of products you sell and the profits you'll see.
  • Dropshipping for Small Business MerchantsNovember 25th, 2010Dropshipping is a viable ecommerce strategy for small online retailers and mail order merchants because it eliminates the need to buy and store inventory as well as the hassles of shipping out merchandise. Dropshipping offers numerous benefits for the small merchant including low overhead, high profit margins, no need for inventory, storage space and shipping.
  • Wholesale Retail Returns: Risk and RewardJanuary 13th, 2010We're halfway through the first month of 2010, and it's time to start looking at how gift returns from dissatisfied consumers can be viewed as constructive - even profitable - opportunities for those in the wholesale business. It's not all about apologies and excuses, as you know... but perhaps more about cementing the goodwill of your customers and even elevating their expectations based on your amazing service. There is another side to the returns scenario as well, and in this story we'll take a look at return fraud as a major hurdle to overcome during the post-holiday blitz, and the realities of purchasing large-volume returns from retailers who are looking to liquidate their returns inventory.

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Uvicon’s flagship product Clip2Keep

June 17th, 2019

Creating solutions to consumer’s everyday problems is what establishes a company as a successful product developer. With merely two years in business, the young company Uvicon has created products that have vastly impacted the market. Under the leadership of founder...