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magnetichub.com MagneticHub.com Traditional Jewelry meets Modern Technology

January 12th, 2015

Since the dawn of man himself, jewelry of some kind or another has been carefully made and proudly worn. Ancient craftsmen wove their cultures and dreams into their work, and every piece told a story. In these times of mass...

  • ASD MarketWeekFind 300% Margins 1000's of Wholesale Vendors
  • Wholesale Jewelry Lights Up Beautifully, with Proper CareJanuary 3rd, 2011With so much beautiful wholesale jewelry out there, it's often easy to forget some of the inventory, and even lose it to the elements. Rust, tarnish, and other forms of decay are not to be taken lightly, if sellers hope to get the most profit for their efforts. Here are some methods that have been trusted by thousands of professionals in the business, to help preserve wholesale jewelry and its brilliant shine.

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Top Three Reasons Buyers Don’t Miss ASD Market Week

March 10th, 2020

If you are in the wholesale buying business, you might have already heard of ASD Market Week. It’s the tradeshow that takes place every summer and spring in Las Vegas. It’s also the largest consumer merchandise buying show in the...