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How to Maximize Success with Your E-Bay and Amazon Business How to Maximize Success with Your E-Bay and Amazon Business

February 6th, 2019

The internet is a playground for businesses; one that is full of opportunities that even a decade ago did not exist. Today, sites like Amazon and eBay drive cross-border trade, allowing companies to achieve efficiency gains, competitive prices, and deliver...

  • Drop Shipping Services That Meet YOUR Needs from Novetech WholesaleOctober 30th, 2015Novatech Wholesale offers drop ship services that will meet your needs regardless of where you sell (ebay, amazon, shopify Bonanza, your own website etc). We Have Tools to Make Selling Online a Breeze Not only will we blind drop ship any...
  • Borders Closing Brings Opportunity for Consumers and WholesalersJuly 22nd, 2011Borders, the Michigan-based bookseller announced it will liquidate all its assets and close 399 stores since the offer from Najafi Cos. fell apart and there were no further offers. This is a great opportunity for consumers to discover which liquidation centers and closeouts dealers will pick up Borders’ inventory.
  • Top Ten Wholesale Tips for Writing Pay-per-Click AdsDecember 4th, 2010Whenever you go surfing the web – in search engines or on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter – you’ll always run into pay-per-click ads for all kinds of products. Some are very effective, while others are forgettable. Many TopTenWholesale customers have asked about the basics of writing pay-per-click ads. What does it take to write a good ad? Below are the top ten tips we use at TopTenWholesale.
  • Via Trading: Leading Liquidators of Closeouts, Customer Returns & Overstock MerchandiseVia Trading is a Wholesale Merchandise Liquidator. Buy wholesale overstocks and customer returns in Cases, Pallets or Truckloads. Wholesale in Los Angeles.

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Attracting Generation Z to your Online Store

May 21st, 2019

Are you trying to attract new customers to your online store? If so, you may be looking to capture Generation Z, which is one of the two largest retail markets. Previously, Millennials have gotten all the attention of brands and...