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Hiphop Jewelry Wholesale Offers Large Variety of Hip Hop Jewelry Styles and Trends

November 3rd, 2014

From grillz, to LCD & LED dog tags and belt buckles, pendants, bracelets, chains, to rings and more, Hiphop Jewelry Wholesale offers over 3,000 open stock hip-hop jewelry products. Hiphop Jewelry Wholesale only requires a $200 minimum order and offers...

  • Start Shopping at the Origin of Great Wholesale JewelryJune 6th, 2011We're always looking for the source, but few of us really stop to dig deeper, and consider the origin... until now, that is. Here's a company that is offering the greatest deals on jewelry that will amaze you with its prices, and astound you with the incredible selection, customer service, and delivery that makes them a top ranked supplier for loyal customers around the globe.
  • DirectLiquidation.com | 70% Off Retail on Name Brands | Cases, Pallets, TruckloadsWholesale auction marketplace for surplus inventory, customer returns, overstock and refurbished merchandise. We are the exclusive liquidator for several top US retailers stocking millions in inventory you can't find anywhere else. Free to register.

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Top Three Reasons Buyers Don’t Miss ASD Market Week

March 10th, 2020

If you are in the wholesale buying business, you might have already heard of ASD Market Week. It’s the tradeshow that takes place every summer and spring in Las Vegas. It’s also the largest consumer merchandise buying show in the...