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Uvicon’s flagship product Clip2Keep

June 17th, 2019

Creating solutions to consumer’s everyday problems is what establishes a company as a successful product developer. With merely two years in business, the young company Uvicon has created products that have vastly impacted the market. Under the leadership of founder...

  • Start Your Online Business with Dropship TownJune 16th, 2019Have you ever wanted to have your own e-commerce business? Maybe you’ve dreamed of selling children’s wear, electronics, or art supplies. Entrepreneurship is a dream for many. But, the idea of having so much inventory on hand can seem like...
  • Finding Chinese Manufacturers to Produce Your ProductsFebruary 16th, 2011Let’s say you have a great new product idea and want to find Chinese manufacturers to produce it because of the low product development and production costs. A product search for information will yield tons of Chinese manufacturers. But how can you be sure they will be capable and reliable? It’s difficult to decide by merely contacting potential suppliers online. To find a suitable Chinese manufacturer, you need to research and track information, interview several candidates, order samples and check out facilities. Below are some tips for finding the right Chinese manufacturer for your products.
  • DirectLiquidation.com | 70% Off Retail on Name Brands | Cases, Pallets, TruckloadsWholesale auction marketplace for surplus inventory, customer returns, overstock and refurbished merchandise. We are the exclusive liquidator for several top US retailers stocking millions in inventory you can't find anywhere else. Free to register.
  • The ABCs of Importing Goods into the U.S.November 30th, 2010This article can help you get started if you are thinking of importing products from overseas suppliers. Let’s say you’re going to buy goods from a supplier in China. The first thing to do is to find a reliable supplier you can trust.

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Top Three Reasons Buyers Don’t Miss ASD Market Week

March 10th, 2020

If you are in the wholesale buying business, you might have already heard of ASD Market Week. It’s the tradeshow that takes place every summer and spring in Las Vegas. It’s also the largest consumer merchandise buying show in the...