Hitting the Bullseye-Target's Fashionable Future

Hitting the Bullseye-Target’s Fashionable Future

Target is arguably America’s favorite mass retailer. It may not have a website devoted to the creatures, err clientele, that walk through its doors. But it does have its eponymous bulls eye and the cute Bull Terrier as its mascot. In the same fashion (sorry pun intended) as Amazon and many other general merchandise retailers, Target is expanding its direct-to-consumer apparel sector.

Target’s Fashionable History

Target may just now be creating fashion news, but they have been making stylish choices for years. They were the company that launched their series of designer collaborations that forged a new path for the high-meets-low runs that H&M and other retailers have followed suit. Even before their first capsule collection was launched with Isaac Mizrahi in 2003, Target has had design in their DNA. Check out a full list of the designer collabs here. When Target was beginning to emerge into what it is today, the intentions were set to be a bargain store while maintain a certain design sense and aesthetic in everything it did. This is evident in their apparel, their advertisements through the years and in their new store design.

And Their Fashionable Future

Business of Fashion reports that Target is investing $7 billion in its business and its launch of 12 new brands including menswear, womenswear, maternity and home labels. Mark Tritton, Target’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, talks about how this next move is an instinctual one for Target. He touches on how the brand is, “built on data and emotion.” Meaning that, people love Target and it is a brand that they built their lives around and have incorporated into their day to day. That is why he felt it was the move to create more brands within the brand that have their own unique identities that appeal to the broad customer base that makes up Target.

They have successfully transformed what could be another big-box retailer and turned themselves into a contemporary lifestyle brand that people identify strongly with. Naturally this includes fashion as it is one of the constants in all of our days and is so deeply personal. As they have been with their apparel brands before, they are posed to be successful again. After all, they did always tell us to, “Expect more, pay less.”


Author:  Christine Duff

Christine wants to live in a world filled with cutting edge fashion, beautiful words and and an endless supply of leather jackets and boots. A product development grad of FIDM, she was the Editor-in-Chief of MODE Magazine where she reignited her love of storytelling. She has diverse experience within the industry with trend research, art direction and styling editorial spreads. She gained her most notable experience working in Los Angeles at the satellite operation for GQ and Vogue Thailand. Christine is passionate about social science and the role it plays in the consumer goods industry and apparel in particular.

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