The Taste of National Hardware Show is set for August 2015

In August, The Taste of National Hardware Show (TNHS) is slated for a three-day event and is an event co-located with ICG East.

The event will feature nearly a selection of exhibits related to new and up and coming start up supplier companies, garden centers, and an array of new products in the market. The show will be open for three days, from August 4-6. On Tuesday the hours the show is open are from 12 PM to 6 PM. On Wednesday, the open hours are 10 AM to 6 PM. The TNHS will be located at the new home of IGC East Coast, in the Baltimore Convention Center at 1 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore Convention Center

Finally, on Thursday the show hours run from 10 AM to 3 PM. If you register for the event, you’ll get the opportunity to access events, an entire line up of exhibits, and you can partake of educational programs related to retail. One of the highlights of the show this year is the presence of lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, who will be serving as a keynote speaker.

In addition to speakers and exhibits, there will also be a 30+ hour IGC Retail Conference where participants can gain significant insights into the retail industry. The Conference has a $100 fee of entry, and the event is three days long. For a garden show tour on Monday, there’s a $50 fee. To get the discounted prices associated with the IGC Retail Conference, you’ll need to use the promotional code “IGCWOW” when registering for the event. The conference will offer educational material related  to every aspect of business, including insightful information on  return on investment, point of sales options, family business operation, in-store and online sales, landscaping, store design, marketing (both traditional and social media), and advertising. You’ll also learn strategies for merchandising, signage, and customer service, all at one huge industry related conference.

The TNHS and three day IGC Retail Conference will host a networking party where retailers can meet and greet others in the same industry. A free concert featuring Gin Blossoms, an American rock band originating from Tempe, Arizona, is also one of the highlights of the event.

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