Tazati Skincare Products for Natural Beauty

Since 2008, Tazati has offered a line of organic skincare products, providing a new concept in skin care. Company founder and marketing director Re’va Dawa put years of research into the development of natural, organic skin care products with a homeopathic formula that has no synthetics, chemicals or preservatives and are both safe and effective.

We interviewed Dawa, who has career experience in homeopathy and alternative healing, to learn more about Tazati skin care products. “Our advanced homeopathic formula is extraordinary in skin care products today,” said Dawa, “and our products are completely new in terms of composition and effectiveness.”

“Tazati’s roots were formed while I managed the Portland Clinic of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in the late seventies,” continued Dawa. “My job gave me numerous insights about healing and medicine. With that inspiration, I took night courses in nutrition, homeopathy, herblogy, polarity and the natural sciences. When antibiotics were overprescribed for my daughter, I used my newfound knowledge of the natural sciences to improve her health.”

Dawa continued her studies, looking beyond western medicine. “I was challenged by the fact that western medicine doesn’t treat the whole body when it’s injured or distressed; it treats only localized areas that appear to be at cause, which I find limiting.” Dawa then studied Ayuvedic Medicine, Chinese perspectives with remedies and recipes from around the world, including folklore and the history of beauty secrets for thousands of years. “These experiences became the foundation for the development of my organic skin care products,” explained Dawa.

From what she learned, Dawa began to put her ideas together, creating her own formulas and bringing ancient wisdom into modern times. We asked Dawa, What makes Tazati stand out from other skin care companies. “My secret breakthrough formula,” she replied. “I found homeopathy to be the answer as I could blend an array of botanicals together without using synthetics, chemicals or preservatives, maintaining all the organic and natural properties of the herbs and botanicals.”

“I have found the magical, silky rich quality of products that comes from this blending nourish and revitalize the skin,” she continued. “I use natural and organic ingredients from around the world, and these ingredients make a difference to your skin.”

It seems Tazati has taken ancient beauty secrets and brought them into the modern world with its specially selected herbal ingredients from the ocean and the earth. Dawa herself creates the products, then packaging and distributing them.

“With today’s chaotic lifestyle, women appreciate time alone in the comfort of their own homes,” said Dawa. “With Tazati skin care products, they can enjoy the ritual of a home facial, experiencing tighter skin with fewer wrinkles immediately after using the Tazati Anti Aging Facial System.” According to Dawa, Tazati organic and homeopathic products are especially effective for women with cancer, chronic disease, fibromyalgia, and multiple sclerosis.

We asked Dawa, Are there are any industry trends affecting your business? “Hollywood’s disenchantment with plastic surgery opened the door for our Organic Face Lifting Facial, distributed by Tazati Organic Skin Care,” said Dawa. “This establishes a new trend in health and beauty as Hollywood film stars have become vocal about nightmare results with plastic surgery.”

“It’s better to look good naturally without surgery, and that’s where Organic Face Lifting Facial products like ours work with the true nature of your beauty, naturally slowing down the aging process,” continued Dawa. “Products like our 20 Minute Magic Face Lift let you enter your 40 something years without surgery and can be used in your own home,” said Dawa. “No cutting, no injections; just tighter skin that looks younger.” According to Dawa, firming starts immediately, tightening skin, wrinkles and lines.

Dawa is looking for independent contractors who would like to join her Tazati team. Contact information below.

727 E. Villa Rita Dr., Phoenix, Arizona 5022.

Email: reva@q.com

Phone: 480-292-8288

Author:  Claudia Bruemmer

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