The Amazing Flip It Bottle

Are you looking for a game to play with friends in the dorm room? What about with the grandparents at a backyard BBQ this summer? This bottle flipping game can be enjoyed anywhere from a kid’s slumber party to a tailgate. It truly is for all ages.

At his grandson’s birthday party, founder Joe Mario caught the inspiration for The Amazing Flip It products. His 12-year-old granddaughter, removed from the happenings of the party, was on her own flipping a bottle. When questioned as to why she wasn’t playing with her cousins and friends, she answered, “I am enjoying myself.”

Intrigued by her amusement with bottle flipping, her family decided to try it. Within an hour, everyone from little cousins to grandparents was joined in on the fun. In the end, Mr. Mario found that flipping an ordinary bottle on its cap proved to be quite the challenge. This discovery led to the creation of The Amazing Flip It Bottle and also the Amazing Flip It Caps. He feels that ” it brings bottle flipping to the next level.” Now, everyone can partake in the game that brings his family hours of endless fun and challenge.

The Amazing Flip It Products

The Amazing Flip It Bottle
This is the only professional bottle made exclusively for flipping. Gain a competitive edge with the patent-pending bottle.

The Amazing Flip It Bottle Caps
Turn any ordinary bottle into a game. The caps come in three different sizes: soda bottle, water bottle, and Arizona bottle.

The Amazing Flip It Bottle Hole Game Board
Unfold the board and unleash the fun. Four holes equal four different exciting and challenging games. Moreso, the game board, is lightweight and durable, acting as a case to hold the bottles.

Joe Mario shares, “Kids, parents, grandparents, even College kids LOVE these three Amazing Flip It Bottle products. They are FUN for everyone and made for ALL ages. From little kids having sleepovers to beach time fun and even College kids at their Dorms. No Company should pass up on these AMAZING PRODUCTS. They are THE PERFECT GIFT!”

Join in on the fun here:
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Island Park, NY 11558

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