The Challenge of Ecommerce Video in 2011

by Claudia Bruemmer

Video marketing is one of the best advertising mediums in ecommerce. A well-crafted video can grab consumer attention faster than any other online ad. Video continues to get the attention of web users as research shows 67% percent of US Internet users watched online video monthly in March 2010. By 2014, it’s estimated that number will increase to 77 percent watching video on a monthly basis.

Video will be big in 2011 because of its ability to convey information quickly, demonstrating products accurately and making them memorable. Research shows that video speeds up buying decisions by 72% compared to print; therefore, its ability to generate sales and leads makes video an excellent medium for ecommerce advertising. However, you can’t use last year’s video plans in 2011 because the landscape is changing fast.

Wholesalers and retailers alike learned over the holiday season that consumers use their cellphones to find the best deal, and price is only part of the decision-making process. Video is extremely adept at demonstrating product features, showing the fine details and extra features and functions that differentiate higher-priced goods. Product videos also provide the means to enhance the consumer’s online shopping experience, increasing the odds of engaging shoppers who compare products, prices and merchants.

You can use such tools as a Video Gallery to keep visitors on your site longer than on competitor sites without video. Your videos, if properly optimized, will give your site a boost in SEO prowess. All the engaging aspects of video have the ability to result in more sales at a higher average price, increasing your margins and bottom line.

However, the video landscape is changing. As mobile shopping gains momentum, video must be customized to deliver content to mobile consumers on the go. iPads and iPhones are proliferating at a fast pace as consumers reach for mobile devices instead of their wallets to make payments. What’s necessary is to deliver video content targeted to specific groups of consumers on the go. A buyer in the aisle with a cellphone has different needs than one sitting in a chair with an iPad. They both want product information but each has a different timeframe in which to evaluate it. The challenge is to deliver targeted versions of video content to different customer segments using analytics and customization skills.

In 2010, video proved to be an ecommerce conversion vehicle. As video volume ramps up on the web and viewing platforms shift in 2011, ecommerce merchants will be forced to accommodate individual viewer demand. Merely serving up product videos won’t be enough to engage consumers. 2010 was the year that online product videos became commonplace, but in 2011, these videos will become pervasive, making it more of a challenge to compete in the online video marketing environment. You can use video in many different ways, as shown in the examples listed below.

1. Brief Corporate Videos to promote your business online.
2. Video Interactive Banner Ads to demonstrate products on the web.
3. Video Hot Spots inserted into product videos allowing consumers to scroll over products to view an ad, click a link or purchase directly.
4. Videos with Buy Buttons created with Adobe software to allow instant purchase.
5. Video Product Reviews made by consumers to earn cash for a review.
6. Personalized Videos targeted to consumer interests for one-to-one communication.
7. Marketing Technique Videos where professionals give tips in area of expertise related to your product/service.
8. Videos in Email Marketing used with click-to-view or video in the email.
9. Videos on Your Website used to feature unique or hot products.
10. Videos on YouTube made as linkbait to go viral.

Author:  Claudia Bruemmer

Claudia Bruemmer is a contributor to the TopTenWholesale Newsroom. Experience includes: Copy Editor SearchEngineLand (2012-present), Managing Editor ClickZ (1998-2001), Editor SearchEngineWatch (2007-2008) and freelance writer/editor since 2001 for SEMPO, ImediaConnection, SearchMarketingStandard, SearchEngineGuide, BruceClay and other sites. Prior to online work, Bruemmer was a Tech Writer for many years.

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